So sick of this intolerance crap. People should be bigger than posting statuses such as:

"Just so everyone knows, I have a CHRISTMAS TREE in my living room (not a holiday tree), im gettin CHRISTMAS PRESENTS (not holiday gifts) and we will eat CHRISTMAS DINNER (not a holiday meal), and I will attend a CHRISTMAS PARTY (not a holiday party). I will also very cheerfully wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS! (not… happy holidays). By the way, if you want to have a Happy Hanukah , by all means do, I respect that. If you want to have a Blessed Kwanzaa, I also respect that. I want to have a Merry Christmas, so I ask YOU to respect that! Repost if you agree"

Not everyone is Christian. I am not sure about the reaction that this status would get if it was oriented around Muslim or Jewish beliefs. HANUKKAH isn’t even spelled right. To respect other people’s beliefs, don’t rub yours in the face of others. These are holidays for everyone, whether Christian, Atheist, Jewish, Muslim, or any other religion. I lose hope for a world that will finally see equal value in everyone when I see stuff like this. 

So true. 

So true. 

Upside Down World

Through my first term at University I have learned that freedom and certainty are illusions. There is no way to truly know anything, and the knowledge we do have is subject to doubt. I am so ready to learn everything I can despite of this though be able to relate to many people on as many levels as possible. To everything I have been taught in elementary school and high school now has a deeper level and more significant role in life. Through the confirmation that things aren’t what they seem I feel more awake to life, more awake to learning what the world has to offer and more positive. Though the place stresses me out intensively I would not have it any other way. Education is really as necessary as it is said to be, because it is as close to freedom as one can get.